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Welcome to the Followers of Rupert

Since 1983 there has been a society, called The Followers of Rupert, for those who remember Rupert from their childhood with affection. The society is limited to classic Rupert, not the recent cartoon character.

Currently, our membership is approaching 1000 and members enjoy regular newsletters, calendars and other Rupert-related items produced specifically for the society.

The 2015 calendar has been released. View it in our sales catalogue. Like all our our sales items, the calendar is available to members, so join now (any level of membership) and you will be able to obtain a copy of this unique item which is unavailable from elsewhere.

We are developing this website and will regularly be adding new items and building further features on it, so continue to visit!

Follow Rupert

The Society gets its name from the Rupert annuals. Each year at the end of the stories there is a page advertising Rupert in the Daily Express and on that page is the slogan "Follow Rupert in the (Daily) Express" and so we are The Followers!

There are many benefits to being a Follower of Rupert.  

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One of the benefits is our Rupert Merchandise, available to members.

We are allowed to sell Rupert-themed items to members of the Society.
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There were new items available for 2014, and there is a SPECIAL OFFER for orders of £10.00 or more!

Non- members: The 2015 Rupert Annual!

To buy merchandise from us you will have to join and become a member of the Followers,
but we do have one special offer that is open to anyone:

We are able to offer signed copies of the new Rupert annual to non-members!

The annual will be released for Christmas 2015 and has many more pages than the Rupert annuals of recent years.  
Stuart Trotter, the current Rupert artist, who has drawn and written a fabulous new story for this annual, will be signing copies for members of the Followers to buy at their annual meeting in August and so later this year we will be able to offer these to non-members.

Signed copies: £17.50 UK and £27.50 overseas - inclusive of postage and packing

If you wish to pre-order a signed 2015 annual, please use the download form below .

Please note: these annuals will not be posted out before 1 September 2015,
and the image shown does not represent the actual annual cover

Download application form here... (104 Kb)

Members, you can order your annual through 'Sales' in the normal way once you have logged in.

We also still have available Classic Tales of Rupert for sale to the public

We have a few remaining copies of this book 'Classic Tales of Rupert'.  
The book is 93 pages and contains two Bestall stories - Rupert and the Mare's Nest and Rupert and the Lost Cuckoo.  
It measures approx 190 x 225 cm.  

We are able to offer it  at a special price including postage and packing. 

£10.00 UK and £20.000 overseas - inclusive of postage and packing

Download application form here... (186 Kb)

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