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Since 1983 there has been a society, called The Followers of Rupert, for those who remember Rupert from their childhood with affection. The society is limited to classic Rupert, not the cartoon character more recently seen.

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The Society gets its name from the Rupert annuals. Each year at the end of the stories there is a page advertising Rupert in the Daily Express and on that page is the slogan "Follow Rupert in the (Daily) Express" and so we are The Followers!

Currently, our membership is approaching 1000 and members enjoy regular newsletters, calendars and other Rupert-related items produced specifically for the society.

The Followers' AGM is held in Warwick in August, surrounded by a fun day. This year it was on 29th August. Followers had the chance to meet the current Rupert Artist, Stuart Trotter and had the opportunity to win an original piece of artwork by Stuart, especially created for the event. Follow this link and see this lovely piece of artwork:


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The Followers' AGM and surrounding Fun Day this year lived up to all expectations. In addition to the usual activities we had some very special speakers Follow this link to 'Warwick':


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